wheels within wheels...

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Pretty much... But it has to get out there, so much evil corruption to expose!


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Agreed. I have a group that I send things out to daily - I always remain positive and do not buy into F.E.A.R. mongering because I know we are winning. But the thing is, I've been watching this shit show for 35 years - FOIA requests, People's Grand Jury, giving talks on fiat currency, working with the folks who started the Farm Claims back in the 1990's, etc. etc. Now I see this is all coming to a head - like a huge boil that is about to be lanced. It is glorious, and we all get to witness it...and get involved!

I so appreciate you and several others I follow, (Patel Patriot, Clandestine, Santa, Dan Scavino, many others), to get The Truth out there, but I don't have the patience to write every day, (run my own business/take care of my 92-year-old mom, etc.), so I am becoming a Precinct Committeeman for my district. I also worked the election audit here in Maricopa county...lots of bullshit going on here, too - but getting Keri, Blake, Abe and Mark in the finals makes me smile. Sorry for the short story, (and potty mouth), I just like you. :)

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