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You will find my 26,000 subscribers on Telegram to be quite enlightening! I truly enjoy interacting and learning from everyone. I am a humble servant of God. I share the Truth as I see it, with the care of a shepherd tending his pasture. We are up against an evil so tyrannical, that most cannot fathom what's at stake. But God has already won. So with that Spiritual Armor in one hand, and sword in the other hand, we fight this evil through receiving the Truth, to which we then receive knowledge and wisdom. Join the discussion right here on Substack and on Telegram (I have no bots and 2 wonderful admins, Ed and Ryan), find me there at You may also email me at

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Silence DoGood, MBA

Suspended from Twitter, fan of Gold and Silver Standard, NESARA, TRUTH, Father of 5, BLESSED by God 🙏🏻🙌🏻